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In today's world, companies have access to a lot of marketing data. Our skills lie in the leveraging of that data. We begin with hypotheses to test out, with ideas that are rooted in facts and figures. We focus on testing assumptions and pulling together insights to find a path to success.

There is nothing more rewarding than finding breakthroughs. Sometimes that comes from strategic planning. Other times, it comes from surprising creative concepts or from diligently executing thousands of micro optimizations that add up to long-term ROI gains.

We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients, which will be built on trust, the exchange of knowledge, and a continual growth process.

We believe in Learning. Adapting. Growing.

Our team ensures our clients remain at the forefront of digital marketing as new channels and best practices evolve and change, by continuously experimenting with new technologies, as well as maintaining an open and data-driven feedback loop between marketing, analytics, and creative that keeps them updated throughout the evolution of new channels and changes in best practices in digital marketing.

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    We are driven by Performance and Innovation

    It has become a reality that change is an inevitable and constant fact of life in the digital marketing world today, so success in this industry requires a new level of agility. To be successful in today's digital marketing industry, you must be able to react quickly to market shifts in real time.

    With the help of our experience and insights gained from operating thousands of campaigns for hundreds of clients, our goal is to unlock the potential of brands, from heritage to disruptor, and accelerate their growth.

    In order to provide measurable, sustainable, and breakthrough growth for our clients, our performance media, performance content, and analytics and insights teams work together as a team - defining a strategy, implementing it, assessing results, adjusting, and optimizing to deliver measurable, sustainable, and breakthrough growth together.

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      Why R Performance Marketing?

      years of experience, affordable pricing, real marketing professionals, former Facebook employee's and 20+ years of working with Google. 

      What if my page isn't good at converting?

      We provided sessions recording and Qual and Quant analysis on all our plans where we measure all your clicks and CRO conversion rates to determine if your page is adequately convering

      How long till I see results?

      Those on Google Local Leads will see results as soon as they are accepted. If not, it will depend on your traffic/competition. We work on both organic and paid marketing, so you'll be well-rounded instead of relying solely on one source of traffic. 

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      A marketing company designed around optimizing performance 

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